For the deep-cycle batteries with a part number that begins with the letter "U", what is the voltage and amp-hour rating?

Below are listed some of the most common deep-cycle batteries along with their voltage and Ah capacity (@ 20 HR).  Should you need information on one not listed, please contact us.

 Part #
 Volts  Amp Hours

 U1800  6 208

 U2000  6 216

 U2200  6 232

 U2300  6 242

 U2400  6 251

 U2500  6 250

 U3050  6 305

 6 335

 UL-16  6 375

 UL-16HC  6 415

 U1450  12 145

 U1850  12 195

 U1850HC  12 215

 U8VGC  8 170

 U8VGCHC  8 183

 U-BIG-JOE  12 107


To get the most charge-discharge cycles out of a deep-cycle battery, it should not be frequently discharged below a specific gravity of 1.190 as measured by a battery hydrometer.

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