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Word Description
Valve-Regulated Lead-acid Battery (VRLA) A lead-acid battery that is sealed with the exception of a one-way valve that opens to the atmosphere when the internal gas pressure in the battery exceeds the atmospheric pressure by a pre-selected amount. VRLA batteries are sometimes called recombinant batteries
Vented Battery A battery in which the gaseous products of electrolysis and evaporation are allowed to escape into the atmosphere as they are generated. These batteries are commonly referred to as flooded batteries
Venting When gas or electrolyte escapes through a valve or vent
Volt (E) The unit of measure for electrical potential or pressure, which is also called electromotive force (EMF). Volts = Amps x Ohms
Volt-ohm-meter (VOM) multimeter
Voltage Also called electromotive force (EMF), it is the electrical pressure that forces electron flow in a complete circuit
Voltage Drop The net difference in the electrical potential (voltage) when measured across a resistance (ohms). Its relationship with current is described in Ohm's Law
Voltage Regulator A device that limits the charging voltage in a circuit
Voltmeter An instrument used to measure the voltage in a circuit or the state of charge of a battery by measuring its open-circuit voltage
VOM Volt-ohm-meter See Multimeter
VRLA valve-regulated lead-acid battery