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Word Description
Lead-acid Battery A storage battery with an active material of lead and lead peroxide and with an electrolyte solution of water and sulfuric acid. Maintenance-free, low-maintenance and gel-cell batteries are types of lead-acid batteries.
LeClanche A carbon-zinc battery with slightly acidic electrolyte consisting of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride in water.
Li-ION lithium-ion battery
Lithium Battery Lithium primary batteries are non-rechargeable batteries used in devices requiring long life and low, steady power, such as digital watches, computers and smoke detectors. Some types of lithium batteries are specifically designed for applications with high power requirements, such as wireless microphones and flash units.
Lithium-Ion Battery (Li-ION) A rechargeable battery with a very high capacity for its size and weight compared to other rechargeable batteries. It is used in portable devices such as laptops, cellular phones and camcorders.
Load A circuit's built-in resistance e.g., the starting motor, headlights or resistor that discharges the battery when operating.
Load Tester An instrument that discharges a battery using an electrical load while measuring voltage. It determines the battery's ability to perform under actual operating conditions.
Low-Maintenance Battery Normally a lead-acid battery, it may require periodic water addition under normal service conditions. A dual-alloy battery, it typically uses a low antimony lead alloy in the positive (+) grid and a calcium-lead alloy in the negative (-) grid.