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I current
IEC International ElectroChemical Commission
Immobilized Electrolyte An electrolyte made motionless by use of a gel additive or AGM separator. See also Gel-Cell Battery and Recombinant.
Impedance (Z) The total opposition that a battery offers to the flow of alternating current. Impedance is a combination of resistance and reactance.
Initial Drain The current that a cell or battery supplies when first placed on load. Also referred to as starting drain.
Insulator A material such as rubber, some plastics and glass that is highly resistant to conducting electricity.
Internal Resistance (Ri) The opposition to direct current flow within a battery, which causes a drop in closed-circuit voltage proportional to the battery's discharge rate.
International ElectroChemical Commission (IEC) A worldwide organization that establishes standards in the electrical and electronic fields.