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Word Description
Fast Charge A high rate charge typically above 20 amps for one to five hours that provides a quick blast of energy. It is often used to get the battery to a recharge level that can restart a vehicle. Repeated fast charges overcharge the battery and reduce service life.
Float Charge A low, constant-current or constant-voltage charge that compensates for the self-discharge of a battery normally used in a standby application.
Flooded Battery A type of liquid, lead-acid battery. See Vented Battery.
Frequency The number of times that a periodic function, such as current or voltage, repeats the same sequence of values within a unit of time. It is measured in hertz.
Fuse A safety device in a circuit that melts "open" at a specific level of current in order to protect the circuit from shorts circuits and current surges.
Fusible Link A type of fuse in a circuit consisting of a reduced number of strands of wire held together by solder.