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Word Description
DC direct current
Deep Discharge The discharge of the battery to below the specified cutoff voltage before the battery is replaced or recharged.
Deep-Cycle Battery A battery that is designed to withstand repetitive discharges to a 20% depth of discharge or more and to continue providing its rated capacity after hundreds of cycles. Deep-cycle batteries are often used in marine/RV and industrial applications.
Depth of Discharge (DOD) The percent of rated capacity to which a cell or battery is discharged. It is the reciprocal of a battery's state of charge. Example: a battery that has a depth of discharge of 45% has a state of charge of 55%.
Digital Voltmeter (DVM) See voltmeter
Diode A semiconductor device that acts like a one-way valve for current. Today's alternators use diodes to rectify current.
Direct Current (DC) An electrical current that flows in one direction only. A battery delivers direct current, discharging the battery, and is recharged with direct current.
Discharge Rate The rate at which current is drawn from a battery, usually expressed in amps.
Discharged The state of a battery when it has less than a 100% state of charge. Levels of discharge are shown in the Open-Circuit-Voltage Chart.
Discharging The withdrawal of electrical energy from a cell or battery, usually to operate connected equipment. A battery is discharging when it delivers current.
Distilled water If the water level in your battery is low, Interstate Batteries recommends adding nothing but distilled water to a vehicle battery. No other additives have been proven to extend battery life and may actually decrease it.
Drain Withdrawal of current from a cell or battery. Often referred to as discharging. See also Average Drain and Initial Drain.
Dry Battery A battery in which the electrolyte is immobilized, being either in the form of a paste or absorbed into the separator material.
Dry-Cell Battery A cylindrical-cell battery, typically nonrechargeable and disposable, such as a standard alkaline, heavy-duty or general-purpose battery. See also Cell.
Dual-Alloy Battery See Low-Maintenance Battery.
Dual-Terminal Battery An automotive battery with top terminals and side terminals.
Duty Cycle The time duration and use frequency during which a battery is drained. It is affected by such factors as charge and discharge rates, depth of discharge, length of cycle, and length of time in standby mode.