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  1. question Do you rebuild lithium ion rechargeable battery packs for cordless tools?
    Yes we do! We also have new replacement batteries for many battery-powered hand tools. Please contact Customer Service for help. They can be reached via email, Live Chat, or by phone (866) 842-5368, option 2.
  2. questionHow do I calculate the estimated AH rating for my automotive or deep cycle battery?
    To calculate the estimaged ah rating for your automotive or deep cycle battery, take the Reserve Capacity Rating and multiply it by .6 to get an approximate AH rating. Amp-Hour: The unit of measure for a battery's electrical storage capacity, obtained by multiplying the current in amps by the ...
  3. questionHow do I know if a battery is "maintenance-free"?
    If your battery DOES NOT have access to the individual cells (i.e.: removable vent caps) we consider it to be "maintenance free." At Interstate Batteries, we always say, “If the battery has removable caps, it is maintenance available”. If you have questions about your battery's maintenance that ...
  4. questionHow to read the date code on Interstate batteries with part numbers that start with the letter “U”?
    The date code on Interstate batteries which start with the letter "U" such as the U2200 is 3 digits long. The code is engraved into the positive terminal. The first digit starting on the left side is a letter. “A" is for January, "B" is for February, etc. The second digit from the left si ...
  5. questionWhat are the charging recommendations for your 6volt GC2 battery?
    Charging recommendations for 6-volt, 8-volt deep cycle batteries: GC2-XHD, GC2-HD, GC2-RD Nominal Battery Voltage Charging Current Bulk Charge Voltage (2.41 VPC) Absorption Voltage (2.41 VPC) Absorption Time in Hours Float Voltage (2.23 VPC) Equalization Voltage (2.6 VPC) Equalization Time in H ...
  6. questionWhat causes a vehicle battery to freeze?
    A fully charged battery will not freeze unless the temperature reaches approximately 80°F below zero (-80°F). But if discharged, it can freeze at 32°F.
  7. questionWhat causes an alkaline battery (AA, AAA, C, D, 9v) to corrode and leak?
    Heat is the biggest culprit. Store new, unused batteries in a cool, dry place and when installed in a device, keep the device out of extreme or prolonged heat. Over time all batteries leak due to casings breaking down. All batteries self-discharge whether installed or not. Testing your batteries ...