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Questions related to automotive, marine, and other starting and ignition batteries.

There were 5 questions found in this category:

  1. questionCan I buy an Interstate battery online and pick it up at my nearest dealer?
    Not at this time.
  2. questionDo you offer buy online, pick up in store for your vehicle batteries?
    Not at this time, but we recognize in store pick up as a service customers want. We are looking at ways we can respond to that expectation of online retailers.
  3. questionWhere can I take my battery if itís bad?
    We have nationwide warranty on our vehicle batteries. You do not need to take the battery back to the original location where you purchased it. Visit our online dealer locator to find the nearest warranty dealer near you.
  4. questionWhy canít I buy an Interstate vehicle battery online?
    To maintain our commitment to superior customer service, satisfaction and safety we defer automotive battery purchases to our knowledgeable network of Dealers. This insures our batteries are handled and installed properly to uphold the outrageous dependability you expect from Interstate. Also, w ...
  5. questionWhy donít you offer coupons/discounts on your vehicle batteries?
    Discounting is up to the discretion of the local store or dealer. Please contact the location directly to see if they have current specials running that you might take advantage of. Unfortunately, the coupon code found at only applies to online purchases.